The Big Thank You Page!

I’d like to thank Carrie Gates for creating this website for me and teaching me so much about visual design and web development. She inspires me with her talents and has helped me to develop and nurture my own.

Seriously, if you are looking for an all-around talented human to help you with your web development and design needs, look no further, she is amazing.

You can find out more about her work on:

Get in touch with Carrie to hire her for your next project through email or her LinkedIn profile.

A big thank you to my Tonight it’s Poetry and Saskatoon Indigenous Poets Society family for welcoming me with open arms and holding space for me to share my words, especially:

  • Bran Everseeking for taking me to TiP for the first time
  • Danielle Altrogge for gently coaching me through my first slam, and
  • Kevin Wesequate for being the older brother I never had.

You are all dear to me in this strange journey that I have embarked upon and I am grateful to have known all of you.

Thank you to:

  • Torien Cafferatta of It’s Not a Box Theatre for bringing me into the weird world of theatre
  • Bethani Jade and Charlie Peters for helping me to continue to develop and grow as a performance artist
  • And a huge thanks to Jackie Latendresse of The Free Flow Dance Theatre Company for teaching a wealth of knowledge about choreography and how to survive as an independent artist.

You have all inspired me to speak my truth while keeping it weird.

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