By Elise Pallagi

The Broadway Skids, 2018

We are here to find answers to the mysteries of the universe projected into our living rooms by Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Television mysteries of the cosmos and universe revealed to us becoming Nova

Electric impulses of quantum reality drawn to the nucleus of the typewriter
It’s microgravity bending the smallest abstractions of space-time into an equation of infinite possibilities

Information scatogorized and received answers locked in equations of Newtonian gravitational constants and Einstein’s theory of special relativity limiting us to the speed of light and then unraveling into string theory and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle

Stephen Hawking grazing the event horizon of black holes bringing us revelations of a brief history of time and Issac Asimov leading me to question the Universe’s mechanisms
Its answers not found in the Pages written by Bronze Age sages but in the coronal mass ejections and supernova explosions of stars that were long dead before their light grazed our eyes

The elements of the deconstruction of falling stars becoming the basic building blocks of the elements of life itself. First viewed by our naked eyes and catalogued by the ancients who thought the Earth to be the divine centre of everything.

This pearl of wisdom ordained by man who thought he spoke for god then questioned by Copernicus who observed the revolution of heavenly spheres and the divine heresy of Galileo as he viewed the imperfect universe through the first telescopes lense

We contemplate the heat death of the universe new beginnings and elements of life cooked in the cores of stellar mass their lives and death measured in the span of billions of years answers lying beneath the surface of cosmic background radiation. The decaying matter of fallen stars reshaped into the metal keys of the typewriter whose gravity pulls us back into the story that starts and ends with a bang!