The Right Man for the Job

By Elise Pallagi

Confessions of a Modern Queer Beatnik, 2016

Dallas Buyers Club is such a wonderful movie

Such an authentic portrayal of the lives of trans women struggling with the effects of AIDS brought on by survival sex work

And a well deserved Oscar nod for the right man for the job


Yes, the right man for the job

Cause trans women are really men in dresses you know?

Or we get portrayed by women who are made up to look more masculine

Great job Felicity Huffman

Well deserved accolades from cis Hollywood


I wonder if people are aware of the existence of trans actresses whose name is not Laverne Cox?

Hollywood most certainly isn’t

Either that or there’s a shortage of trans actresses good enough to perform an authentic portrayal of themselves

Why hire a trans woman when you can find the right man for the job?

After all these actors must have such a hard time finding a job, right?


I grew up watching men pretending to be a woman like me

Except that wasn’t what I would see. And it wasn’t a woman like me

No, I got axe murderers in skin suits and many a pathetic prostitute

Cause either we are psychopaths in drag or pathetic caricatures of women doomed to live our lives in rags

Eke out our survival by tricking men into fucking us for pay

Speciality merchandise, turning tricks and being called traps

Pictures and videos that exist for straight men to fap


We’re Portrayed by Hollywood as deviant murderers or pathetic sex workers by men

Cause we are not as good at sharing our stories as them

No… Our stories lie on the lips of the trans sex workers murdered on the streets in ignorance


Silenced by men

Shut up! Don’t judge this movie until you see it

Matt Bomer is an amazing actor…

The voice of a white cis man telling me to shut up

Cause I am not supposed to make a judgement until I see the movie

The question is will I see anything any different from the 29 or so other movies where men play trans sex workers?

Well, it’s acting…

I guess they hired the right man for the job