Poetry Chapbooks and Commissions

I have self-published three volumes of poetry over the last few years in the punk rock tradition of D.I.Y. zine making. The first two volumes were produced in the back room of a local anarchist bookstore on a borrowed laptop, fueled by coffee from the nearby soon to be shuttered Seven Eleven. D.O.A. swore it was the most punk rock thing ever up until the demise of Lydia’s Pub, The Merry Mansion and The Rock Bottom Night Club. Shortly followed by all the skids who used to hang out on the corner, who were swept up in the ensuing wave of gentrification.

My third collection of poetry “The Broadway Skids” was largely inspired by years of watching the ongoing demolition and gentrification of Nutana, the Saskatoon neighbourhood that I have called home for many years. Rest assured that these words will pierce your mind like the steel jaws of a building crushing Caterpillar, as it replaces the punk rock hangouts of legends with overpriced condominiums and parking lots.

Copies are available for only $10-15 on a sliding scale. Place your order through the buttons below and I will be in touch with you shortly about your purchase details.

"Confessions of a Modern Day Beatnik" By Elise Pallagi, 2016

Confessions of a
Modern Queer Beatnik

By Elise Pallagi


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"Your Slurs Empowered Me" By Elise Pallagi, 2017

Your Slurs
Empowered Me

By Elise Pallagi


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"The Broadway Skids" By Elise Pallagi, 2018

Broadway Skids

By Elise Pallagi


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Poetry Commissions

I also create poetry on a commission basis for clients who wish for me to create a short new work for them based on a particular theme.

These commissions are negotiated on a case by case basis, in order to best align our concept of the theme, inspire one another, and discuss the pricing structure and timeline for the end work to be completed.

The poems are typed out on my beautiful vintage Brother Charger 11 typewriter with high-quality archival papers, ready to frame.

These original works of art make for a very thoughtful gift, for yourself or someone you care about.