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Elise Goes West!

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On May 5th I will be hitting the road for my first ever spoken word tour. After three years of doing events and festivals all across Saskatchewan, hitting multiple events in Calgary, and two trips to Canadian Festival of Spoken Word I decided it is high time that I hit the road and take my poetry to other parts of Canada. So far I have confirmed dates in Vancouver (May 6th), Victoria (May 8th), and Edmonton (May 14th). More dates may be added, so stay tuned.

Back in October of 2018, I released my third chapbook The Broadway Skids, featuring some my most polished work to date and will be mostly doing poetry from that release, as well as some older works that are near and dear to me and a very special poem that any Star Trek fangirl will gush over. Copies of Broadway Skids will be available for purchase at these events or just hit up my online store.

I am a bit nervous as this is my first time hitting the road to tour my work as a spoken word artist. I am reminded of a quote from the Canadian cult classic film Hardcore Logo. “Say they make six G’s…you know, and they take my fifteen percent. The band, the food, the gas, hotel…uh…four guys, 3000 miles, five nights. At this point, you do it for love.” -Mulligan, Hardcore Logo.

I know coming from the DIY mentality of punk rock that there is not a lot of money in this venture, most poets hardly make a thing, ditto for musicians, but I am excited for one hell of an adventure. I haven’t been to the West Coast in years and I am super stoked to reconnect with friends and family there, as well as make some new ones.

Confirmed tour dates are listed below, if you have a potential gig for me (I love house shows) or are interested in booking me for a spoken word or burlesque workshop get in touch with me and we can figure things out. Cheers!